KIM TAGGART - American artist

Getting back to the basics— raw, unprocessed art

As a native Kansan, my fascination with a Midwest sky, round hay bales and the light glancing off the Flint Hills has inspired my Great Plains and Structure Series. My graphite drawings explore untroubled horizons and depict everyday subjects that inspire an emotional response in most people. Although I’ve seen and experienced this natural, enchanting landscape in person, I have chosen to represent it in straightforward tones of black and white in order to evoke admiration for its organic/inorganic composition, the contrast in values, texture and graceful form. Working in a large format helps connect the viewer to the raw, unprocessed nature of this region.

WHY A SQUARE FORMAT? A square is a trusted shape that's peaceful, honest, and seen as Earthbound— a perfect format for my Plains landscapes. The equal proportion invites a fixation on a small glimpse of the large subject matter.


While I appreciate the loosened detail and purposefully unrealistic depictions from the Impressionist period, it’s the contrast of modern American art that influences me most. Charles Sheeler’s graphite and Conté crayon drawings from the late 1920s and 1930s, for instance, feature compositions with subtle delineation in the lightest of lights fused with the shapes of contrasting shadows. This smooth, defined approach creates genuine geometric interest.

Some of the other artists from the 1930s whose lithographs and drawings I admire include Charles Bellows, John Steuart Curry, Mabel Dwight and Grant Wood. Each artist’s unique focus inspires and informs my own works; whether it’s a complicated urban scene or a pastoral setting. Moreover, each one— a source of curiosity— leaves me with a sense of contentment.

Education, Experience & Opportunities

Training began early in charcoal, pastels, pen & ink, and oil paint. I am enthused with the drawing mediums above all and continuing to Kansas State University; my Senior show contained mostly pastels and graphite works of art. Earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, my pursuits after college landed in graphic design using learned skills in art directing. My passion for fine art continues throughout the years, receiving commission art opportunities, wall murals in homes and businesses, and donations to exhibits like Keep A Breast foundation, painting a cancer survivor's cast form.

Completing a full circle, I am getting back to the basics with graphite, charcoal, and the simplicity of the drawing.

Exhibits & associations

2017 American Women Artists - Under A Vast Sky

Juried art exhibition at the Tucson Desert Art Museum, October 13 - December 3.

Scratching the Surface National Juried Exhibition

National multi-media juried art exhibition "Scratching the Surface" in Portland, OR at Verum Ultimum Art Gallery, August 12- September 12.

Olathe Visual Artist Inc.

Since 1993, the group's goal is expanding the enjoyment of fine arts within the Olathe community and to encourage and promote local artist. OVA offers group exhibits, educational opportunities and community service. Serving as Secretary.

American Women Artist (AWA)

Member of a vibrant organization of talented American women artist.

Strathmore Feature Artist

April 2017 Feature Artist Interview with Strathmore Papers.

Artist Papers UK


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